The UNI EN ISO 14001 certificate for Environmental System has been bestowed to Franchi&Kim.


In the statement issued in November 2002 Franchi&Kim defines and guarantees its Environmental Policy and undertakes as follows/entangles as follows:

  • Observing all regional and national law and provisions in force to protect the nature
  • Monitoring with global analysis the material and energy flows that could affect the environment to reduce environmental risks and prevent the pollution.
  • Improving the environmental efficiency to reduce any possible pollution due to accidental dumping of dangerous substances.
  • Reducing the negative effects on the environment researching new technical solution and measures for pollution prevention.
  • Making the human resources aware of the pollution risks to encourage the responsibility towards the environment
  • Editing and spreading this policy among the employees trough auditing and written documents and among the customers and any user trough the internet web-site

Franchi&Kim undertakes to carry out the present precepts and translate them into goals to constantly improve the environmental policy with a long-term and periodically updated environmental protection programme.




Franchi&Kim considers the Quality Policy fundamental in order to fulfil market requirements and to satisfy customers. Our main goal, supported by a modern management oriented to new investments, is the improvement of the quality of our products, the research of the optimal quality/price ratio and the supply of a complete quality service and customer care.
The long-lasting work in accordance with quality provisions allowed Franchi & Kim to obtain the UNI EN ISO 9001 certificate for Quality Policy in 1997.
In order to promote the continuous improvement for the market goal achievement, Franchi & Kim has chosen qualified human resources and suitable equipments to guarantee the conformity of the activities of management, fulfilment, check and production with the Quality Policy and in order to promote the continuous improvement, the research and the development of new products and always innovative technologies.